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Six Piece Eau de Parfum Discovery Set with Silver Sleeve


A discovery set featuring six spray vials of our favorite Eau de Parfums: 11 11, Cote du Paradis, Echo Lake, Midnight 07, Saffron Dusk, and Santal Gray.

This travel-sized collection of parfums invites you to an olfactory journey of whimsical florals and elegant woody blends

1. 11 11 Eau de Parfum.
2. Cote du Paradis Eau de Parfum.
3. Echo Lake Eau de Parfum
4. Midnight 07 Eau de Parfum
5. Saffron Dusk Eau de Parfum
6. Santal Gray Eau de Parfum

Perfect for trial or layering to create your own signature scent. The silver sleeve makes it gift-ready for any holiday.

Made in the USA