Meet the Maker | Zuahaza

Meet the Maker | Zuahaza
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Sundays are for new arrivals and KIND Collective has plenty to show you. Don't miss out on  Zuahaza, founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Bogota, Colombia. This special brand consists of a group of passionate artisans and designers crafting home textiles between their creative lab in Bogotá and production studio in Charalá, Colombia. The team of women from diverse cultural backgrounds shares one national territory and one common mission: to preserve and revitalize traditional crafts through collaborative design and knowledge exchange.
Zuahaza means “my sister” in the Muisca language of the people who lived in the Cundiboyacense mountain region of Colombia. As a social enterprise,  Zuahaza strives to embody collective sisterhood between women in Colombia and to create unique products that reflect their diversity, history and dreams as statements of the unity and peace to come from Colombia.
From painting to material research, experimentation to spinning, dyeing and weaving cotton, the handmade process includes special macrame and knotting techniques as the final touches to their products. Swing by KIND Collective today to get your hands on this new arrival. Our customer-favorite  Roots Collection will bring fresh, bright new hues to your quarantine retreat.