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Meet the Maker | URSA Textiles

Meet the Maker | URSA Textiles
What pops into mind? URSA Textiles. Delicate details with strong statements and a  Kind Collective favorite. If you are looking for a contemporary ethical fashion brand...you've found it. URSA Textiles is an artisan-made design label in Buenos Aires and a personal project by US-native / Argentine transplant Elizabeth Gleeson.
It evolved organically through the intersection of the desire to preserve traditional textile heritage, appreciation for contemporary handcraft and a commitment to bringing social development through economic empowerment.
The label is designed in Buenos Aires and produced entirely by hand using locally-sourced natural fibers in communities in Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Formosa, and Jujuy, Argentina and La Paz, Bolivia. Everything is made from regionally sourced materials, such as Bolivian alpaca, Peruvian pima cotton, and Patagonian merino and mohair. Additionally, URSA utilizes sheep’s wool and llama from the Andean provinces of Catamarca and Jujuy, as well as the so-called plant fiber “chaguar” that is spun into a fine thread and knotted and woven by a cooperative in an indigenous community in Formosa, North Argentina.
URSA provides income for people who need it and who are experts at what they do, while incorporating more individuals into that network of workers. However, collaborating with artisans and working with traditional textiles and crafts everywhere in the world is completely boundless.
Stop by Kind Collective today to pick up some of these vibrant handmade pieces. They will never go out of style.