Meet the Maker | Rosemarine Textiles

A little something for you. In the spirit of self-giving, show the love with the perfect present. Introducing: Rosemarine Textiles. A sustainable textile studio based in Detroit, Michigan run by Meghan Navoy, Rosemarine Textiles makes table runners, cloth napkins and feminine scrunchies for that extra girly touch while using 100% secondhand and sustainably-sourced materials - like foraged-plant dyes. A well-meaning brand that is natural, conscious, ethical and thoughtful. Each piece is made by hand using processes that take many days to achieve the perfect color. This extraordinary zero waste brand was formed by Meghan dedicating herself to learning about alternative methods of production and sourcing that could be done in a more ethical and sustainable way for both people and the planet. She also co-founded the rooftop natural dye garden at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which kick-started a long journey of working with love and intention to create something beautiful from materials that are considered waste.
Stop by Kind Collective today and indulge. From me, to me. Find that unique gift for yourself because you deserve something special...just because!

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