Meet the Maker | CRUDO Textiles

Picture this: natural textiles made from love.

It takes time to spin fibers, naturally dye threads, and turn it all into a handwoven textile. A lot of time. Fabrics aren't commonly produced in this way because it's slow, expensive and complicated. But for CRUDO, it’s a labor of love and the best approach for a thoughtful, sustainable textile. The end result is nothing less than a true reflection of the process, a piece for your home with depth and authenticity with the help of some innovative artisan partners in Guatemala.
The talent pool comes from women-led weaving collectives with incredible stories who have mastered their craft. For many of their partners, weaving preserves tradition and acts as dignified source of income. By connecting women to outside markets responsibly,  CRUDO guarantees a fair wage and adds value to their work.
CRUDO doesn’t just buy from artisans, they partner with them. Education and innovation is at the heart of everything they weave. By funding skills workshops, weavers expand their horizons and in return produce amazing designs that go beyond the typical textile. 
Introducing CRUDO Textiles. Sold at Kind Collective.

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