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Meet the Maker | Chabi Chic

Meet the Maker | Chabi Chic
Welcome, Chabi Chic! If you haven't heard of it, you have been missing out. Kind Collective has been patiently waiting for this order to come in (it was a long journey from Morocco - there were some hiccups along the way - but it made it!), and it is finally time to showcase some of the beautiful gems behind the women-owned brand.
The adventure started with the creation of a line of dishes with traditional Moroccan or striped patterns, handmade by local craftsmen. The kitchen must-have treasures quickly invaded the rest of the house, turning  Chabi Chic into a lifestyle brand. Drawing inspiration from Moroccan craftsmanship, the richness now touches several worlds: decoration for the whole house, small furniture, accessories for the kitchen, cosmetics with a range of care for the body, scents for interiors and finally the side for her and for him. The ceramic is handmade and hand-painted in Marrakech making each creation unique.
Ethical Factory: LE MADE IN MOROCCO
Chabi Chic offers its fine culture-conscious clientele high quality products based on handmade craftsmanship. This fruitful partnership gives the craftsmen the opportunity to work in better conditions while sharing their timeless pieces around the world with those who have yet to explore the wonder of Morocco.