January: Human Trafficking Awareness Month | Elijah Rising + A 2nd Cup

Now on to the next decade...Kind Collective is back and ready to roll. 2020 starts off with Human Trafficking Awareness Month, a cause that unites us with our dear neighbors, Elijah Rising and A 2nd Cup. Human trafficking is an issue that touches every community, including cities, suburbs and rural towns. Putting an end to human trafficking starts with acknowledging its existence, spreading the word and participating in simple acts that support organizations like Elijah Rising and A 2nd Cup – missions include education, intervention, restoration and empowerment to those affected by human trafficking. A tip for a happier new year: make more friends. Go ahead and scroll below to meet our friends who do good 💙

Founded in 2012, Elijah Rising leads volunteers on outreaches into the brothels, sexually oriented businesses and streets in Houston. They provide women with resources to find a way out of the sex industry, job skills, an opportunity to reconnect and rejoin the workforce, housing, trauma-informed counseling and a caring community of support.
How can you as a consumer support their mission? Elijah Rising makes and sells goods that empower and benefit survivors with 100% of the purchase going towards their cause. Their storefront, located at 1135 E 11th Street, offers a variety of products all Texas made and ethically sourced. A personal favorite: the $25/month Candle Club subscription. This candle of the month club is the best way to enjoy a new candle for every month and every season. You will receive a new candle that isn’t stocked anywhere on the Elijah Rising website. These unique candles are exclusive to the club and are first looks at future scents.
A 2nd Cup, established in 2012, is a place where people can organize, collaborate, make an impact or just make themselves at home in a modern café setting. Located at 1111 E 11th StreetA 2nd Cup offers a unique combination of business and charity - using each coffee sale to fund their cause and end human trafficking in Houston. Coffee beans are purchased from Boomtown Coffee - a local roaster with ethically sourced beans that are bought directly from farmers for prices that are typically 50% higher than fair trade standards. A 2nd Cup makes more than a great cup of coffee, they make a difference.
When you purchase Elijah Rising products, A 2nd Cup coffee and Kind Collective brands that fight to end human trafficking, you become a social advocate. We proudly support our neighbors and all together hope to honor Human Trafficking Awareness Month year round through a united front all working towards the same goal. So start somewhere and visit our friends who do good 💙

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